The Blessing of God’s Presence

S. O. A. P.

Here’s Your 90 second AM Devotional!


Numbers 24:5-6 (NIV)
How beautiful are your tents, Jacob, your dwelling places, Israel! Like valleys they spread out, like gardens beside a river, like aloes planted by the Lord, like cedars beside the waters.


Balaam, under the inspiration of the Spirit of God, speaks of the beauty and prosperity of the Israelites. He compares their dwelling places to lush valleys, gardens by a river, aloes planted by the Lord, and cedars beside the waters, symbolizing God’s presence and blessing upon them.


This reminds me of the significance of God’s presence and blessing in my life. It challenges me to cultivate an environment where God’s presence can dwell richly, bringing forth fruitfulness and prosperity. As a believer, may I seek to abide in God’s presence, knowing that it brings beauty, peace, and abundance to my life.


Dear Jesus,
I want my life to be like gardens beside a river, flourishing under the nourishment of your Spirit. Amen


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