Thank God For Nephews

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Acts 23:16

But when the son of Paul’s sister heard of this plot, he went into the barracks and told Paul.


St. Paul had spoken to a crowd in Jerusalem, where he had been held in prison. The crowd became incensed and wanted him thrown back in prison, but that’s when Paul, by right of law, stated that he was a Roman citizen. This scared the people of Jerusalem because they had already had him in prison. The head commander had secured Paul in a holding area where he could not be assaulted. But 40 men plotted to kill Paul. Paul’s nephew heard of the plot and told his uncle. Uncle Paul told the centurion to take his nephew to the commander. The centurion did, and in the night, the commander had over 200 men lead St. Paul by horseback out of the city and got him on his way to Rome!


Whenever I read this story, my first thought is, “Thank God For Nephews!” I have a bunch of them, and all of them have been so kind to me. This is the only time in the New Testament any relative of Paul is mentioned. It’s reported by the writer, Luke, that Paul had a sister and the sister had a son. We don’t even know this boy’s name, yet the young man foiled a plot to assassinate his uncle! One can only imagine if Paul’s nephew might have eventually sailed to Rome with Paul and spent the time Paul had left before his martyrdom with him. We know nothing. What we do know is that in Paul’s most dire state, when it appeared 40 men would not eat until they had killed him, God had a ram in the thicket. His sister’s son. His nephew, who would have nothing to do with it. He saved his uncle’s life. You must believe that God has a ram in the thicket for you as well in your time of need.


Dear Jesus,

I thank You for the many times in my life when someone I barely knew stepped up on my behalf to help me along the way. Certainly, they got the earthly credit, but in my heart, I’ve given You the ultimate credit. You always have a ram in the thicket! Amen

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