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Job 17:9

Nevertheless, the righteous will hold to their ways, and those with clean hands will grow stronger.


Job had suffered excruciatingly. Not only had he suffered an emotional breakdown, but he had also suffered a physical assault that rendered him somewhat immobile. So-called friends had come to encourage him, but they did more damage than good. Even in this chapter, Job spoke with a kind of hopelessness. Yet, for a moment, he woke up to what he knew for sure and came out of his gloom and stated, “Those with ‘CLEAN HANDS’ will grow stronger.”


It’s not known to any of us for certain that Job was in any way referring to himself. It seems as though it was just Job’s belief that righteous men tend to bend toward faithfulness and stay the course. Job believed that those with CLEAN HANDS (meaning moral purity and strong faith) would grow stronger and stronger. Job had no idea that he was actually prophesying his own future. His testing wasn’t yet over in this story, and he still had to hear from the Almighty. However, in time, Job came back stronger and stronger! No doubt you and I should pursue Job’s cure for present-day testing, “CLEAN HANDS!”


Dear Jesus,

It’s my desire this AM to be a man with CLEAN HANDS! I have no desire to try and operate on the dark side of life. I am convinced that You are my sole purpose in this life. With Your help, I will pursue the mission of CLEAN HANDS from now on! Amen

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