Say What?

S. O. A. P.

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Matthew 12:37

“For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.”


Jesus had been rebuking the Pharisees about their idle words. He said that it was from the heart that man speaks his words. If one’s heart is pure, their lips will speak what is pure. Conversely, if one’s heart is filled with wrath, that person will speak wrath and bitterness. Jesus said that one day every person who has ever lived will have to give an account of what they have said. They will be condemned or justified by what they’ve said.


Every time I read this passage, I always respond with, “Say What?” Because in my life, I have said some really foolish things. Yet, as I look back, so much of the foolish content I’ve produced from my lips came from a heart that I believe had good intentions but lacked experience and good information. What is spoken here by Jesus, though, has to do with people who have hearts that are truly evil and have little to do with pure and godly heart content. So whether we reach those with lousy heart motives or not, we must be ready to keep a watch on our own speech. Remember, you and I are people of God, whom He has cleansed by His mighty power. With that in mind, make sure you keep a watchful eye and ear on your own words.


Dear Jesus,

Thank You for cleansing me from a heart full of impurity. There are still times I mess up, but Your presence reminds me who I am in You. Thank You, my Lord. Amen

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