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Acts 27:26

Nevertheless, we must run aground on some island.


St. Paul was sailing under armed guard, by ship, to Rome and the weather had begun to turn sour. He told the captain of the ship to port in a place called Fair Havens. But the captain refused and a hurricane like wind began to rip them out to sea. The sailors feared for their lives, but Paul stood and said that an angel had appeared to him the night before to say that they would all be saved. First of all, however, they would have to run aground on some island. Sure enough, after several weeks of incredible storms they hit a sandbar (vs. 41). Somehow all of them made it safely to shore after the ship had broken apart. Good things happened after the sandbar.


I’ve learned through most of my water excursions in life that sandbars are usually written into the script by God. There’s something about a sandbar that represents either safety or certain trouble. Having been born and raised in South Florida, I’ve spent lots of time in the ocean. As a little boy, I often got into deep water and worried that I couldn’t keep swimming, then I would feel a sandbar under my feet. Other times I’ve been riding in a boat and gotten stuck on a sandbar. After calling a “water tow,” we would be pulled to safety. Sandbars are always God’s way of saying, “I can save you, and I can also get your attention.” As you sail on today, remember the … “Sandbars.”


Thank You for the Sandbars that You bring into my life from time to time. They always remind me who’s really in charge. Amen


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  • Brigitte Reply

    thank you for your daily devotionals!they are very much appreciated and hit the spot some days more than others,but Today’s sandbar example really impressed me!blessings, Brigitte

    February 20, 2015 at 3:04 pm

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