Salvation Is Always On God’s Heart

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Ezekiel 18:21

But if a wicked person turns away from all the sins they have committed and keeps all my decrees and does what is just and right, that person will surely live; they will not die.


Here the Prophet Ezekiel relates the words of the Almighty, letting the people in that day know that no matter what they had done salvation was still possible.


We don’t always think of the Old Testament as being a place of salvation for lost souls. Certainly we know that God considered the people of Israel His beloved people, and He wanted their lives to reflect His grace, love, and mercy as a picture of His unending love. But in this verse we see even more. We see a God who longs  for His own people, who have gone astray, to come back to Him so they can have eternal life. “Will Not Die” did not mean that they would never die on earth, rather it meant that they would have eternal life. That’s in the Old Testament! How much more do we know because of the sacrificial death of Jesus? The grace of God is proof that “Salvation Is Always On God’s Heart!”


Dear Jesus,

This AM I am reminded that I must always be grateful for my eternal salvation! Amen

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