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Revelation 12:11a

They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony;


This word from the Apostle occurred during a vision he had concerning future events. But the truth is that “Followers of Jesus” through the ages have always been overcomers through the power of the shed blood of Christ and their own personal testimony identifying them with His sacrifice. That combination is lethal against the works of satan.


We live in a time were some people who are Believers do their best to attract unbelievers to Jesus through sheer hipness. The idea that there is a sacrifice attached to this life in Christ is seldom mentioned. And the thought that you would celebrate the shed blood of Christ is kept quiet. Yet this is the very thing that appeals to people absorbed in a life of selfishness. The word of our testimony is what “Seals the Deal.” When we as “Followers of Jesus” celebrate His sacrifice on our behalf, and then tell what He did for us as individual believers, the devil has no recourse but to flee. “The Power And The Word” will always triumph.


Dear Jesus,

Today I celebrate Your sacrifice on my behalf. I will be happy once again, to testify of Your saving grace in my life. Amen

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  • David Ritter Reply

    Hey Pastor Rich,

    Great to see you are still going strong in ministry! My wife and I sure miss hearing you preach! If you ever get out towards Memphis/Birmingham/Northern Mississippi, please let me know! My son-in-law, Jason Delgado, pastors the largest A/G church in Mississippi (Vibrant Church in Columbus, MS), and we are now living with them here when we’re not traveling. (We’re missionaries now, doing short term work in India, Croatia, Bulgaria, Holland, and Romania). Hit me back if you get a chance so I can connect you with Jason…I know he’d love to have you here! God bless you richly, man! David and Grace Ritter (former Worship Pastor at Phoenix First Assembly). Happy New Year, too!

    December 29, 2014 at 5:54 pm

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