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S. O. A. P.

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Psalm 34:19

The righteous person may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers him from them all.


The greatest king of Israel, David, made a statement that he had thoroughly proven during his lifetime. He said here that no matter what a man or woman of God may go through in the way of extreme difficulty in their lifetime, God will completely deliver them from it all. No matter what!


David did insert a variable here that I don’t want to go unnoticed. He said a “RIGHTEOUS” person may have many troubles, but God delivers them from them all. It’s almost as if God is saying to His human creation, “Work with me people!” Every time we go against the Lord’s directives for our lives, something is forced out of alignment in our life. I’ve often said that our great God is the master mechanic on how to fix and repair humans, but the better idea going into life is God’s plan for preventative maintenance. If we just follow the manual, God’s Holy Word, proper alignment happens early on. However, when we constantly overheat our hearts, and run on threads, and clog our brains with dirt, soon spiritual breakdown occurs followed by heartache. On the other hand, if we live Righteously, sudden breakdowns rarely happen! Please REMEMBER This.”


Dear Jesus,

With Your help this AM, I choose to walk towards You in holiness and with a humble heart. I know You will deliver me from all my trouble. Amen


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