Plan Your Future Before It Gets Here

S. O. A. P.

Here’s Your 90 second AM Devotional!


Leviticus 14:34-35

“When you enter the land of Canaan, which I am giving you as your possession, and I put a spreading mold in a house in that land, 35 the owner of the house must go and tell the priest, ‘I have seen something that looks like a defiling mold in my house.’”


Rarely have I ever posted two verses of scripture in one of our daily devotionals, but today the verse and the idea needed more to make sense. The Lord said these words to Moses about Israel’s future. He said, “Soon, I will be giving you the land of Canaan. When I do, and I put a defiling mold into the house of one of my people, here’s what you are to do.”


I really don’t want to talk about the theology of God putting a defiling mold in one of His people’s houses and how it was to be eradicated. What I want to talk about is why it’s important to “Plan Your Future Before It Gets Here.” The truth is MOLD in the form of something always gets to you sometime in your life. God taught Israel how to deal with challenges before they arrived so they’d never be caught off guard by trouble. Today the Lord is ready to help you “Plan Your Future Before It Gets Here” as well if you will let Him.


Dear Jesus,

Here I am, Lord, ready and waiting. My eyes are wide, my ears are ready, and my heart is open to hear Your plan for my future. Please don’t keep me waiting. Amen

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