People Are Watching

S. O. A. P.

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2 Samuel 4:1

When Ish-Bosheth son of Saul heard that Abner had died in Hebron, he lost courage, and all Israel became alarmed.


Abner, who had been the head of Saul’s army, immediately moved to install Ish-Bosheth as King upon the death of King Saul. David was King of Judah and Abner knew that David was anointed to be King over all of Israel, but he tried to keep the “Old Guard” in place. Abner became disenchanted with Ish-Bosheth in time, and went over to David’s side. But the head of David’s army, Joab, and his brother Abishai killed Abner to avenge the killing of their brother Asahel by Abner. When Ish-Bosheth heard that Abner was dead, he knew he would be next. But his nation was watching him, and when they saw him “Lose Courage” they became alarmed and greatly distressed.


No matter how High or Low you may feel you are on the so-called “Food-Chain,” there’s always someone just under you who is looking to you for some amount of LEADERSHIP. One of the main components of Leadership is COURAGE. Should you lose courage, as a Leader of One or One Hundred, remember … “People Are Watching.” And in that moment great distress will come upon them. When God gives you the “Mantle of Leadership” in times of great challenge, keep your Chin Up, your Shoulders Back, and Move Forward. You are anointed for such a time as this, because … “People Are Watching!”


Dear Jesus,

I know You have placed me in a position where people are counting on me today to keep going with No Fear. When the fear comes, HOLD me Up and PUSH me Forward. Amen


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