What Do People Know About YOU?

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Psalm 71:7

I have become a sign to many; you are my strong refuge.


In David’s lifetime he faced lions, bears, giants, and teammates who were in debt, in despair, and discontented. He also faced many battles on the field, troubles at home with an adulterous affair, and rebellious children. He became an example to most of his fellow countrymen that when in trouble, a man or woman needs to run to God. Because for David, the Lord was his REFUGE.


Doctors are good, people are good, police are good, counselors are good, friends are good, your family is good, but Jesus is … BETTER! In our times of weakness our closest friends and family know certain things about us. It’s impossible to hide these patterns when crunch time comes. The question is: “What Do People Know About YOU?” Who is your REFUGE? Where do you HIDE? What brings you PEACE? At every point of David’s life, the “Winning Times” and the “Sinning Times,” everyone knew that their king was a “God Chaser.” David couldn’t hide this lifelong pattern of living and people Knew It! “What Do People Know About YOU?”


Dear Jesus,

I hope everyone in my world knows I’m a “God Chaser.” I hope I have left enough SIGNS in my WAKE that people know that I’m running to You, my REFUGE. Amen

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  • pablo Reply

    What a blessing scripture

    May 9, 2015 at 2:55 pm

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