What Do You Need?

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John 21:5

He called out to them, “Friends, haven’t you any fish?” “No,” they answered.


After the Resurrection, the Disciples went back to fishing. Jesus stood on the shore of Galilee one morning and noticed they hadn’t caught anything. He said, “Have you caught anything?” They responded by saying they hadn’t. Jesus told them to throw their nets on the other side. When they obeyed Him, there was a ridiculous haul of fish.


The sheer beauty of this passage is not the eventual miracle so much as the real concern shown by Jesus. Remember, this was not a life and death situation. This was not a storm at sea with apocalyptic ramifications. No! To be honest, those Disciples, though discouraged, would live to fish another day. But that wasn’t the point with Jesus. Earlier in Jesus’ ministry, He told His Disciples (these same men) He would teach them how to fish for men. After they watched “MEN” kill their leader, they figured fish weren’t so dangerous. BUT … Fish were not the mission Jesus had called these men to. He had called them to fish and reach and catch men for eternity’s sake. So whatever it took for Jesus to get His Disciples back on Mission is what He was willing to do. The miracle haul that day reminded the Disciples who they were serving and what their mission was. Today Jesus is asking us … “What Do You Need?”


Dear Jesus,

Since the day you found me and saved me it’s been hard for me to get off Mission. You keep reminding me. You’ve been there for whatever I need! I’m always Yours. Amen

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