I Lack Nothing

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Psalm 23:1

The Lord is my Shepherd, I lack nothing.


Perhaps of all 150 Psalms in this great book, the 23rd Psalm is the most quoted. Here David opens with the proclamation that because the Lord God Almighty is his Shepherd, he lacks nothing.


This statement is definitely a “Game Changer.” One reason is because it poses a number of questions. If the Lord is our Shepherd, why do we continually promote our LACK in certain areas? Or, if we are in continual LACK, is the Lord really our Shepherd? It’s a Game Changer for another reason: it takes the responsibility off of me and puts it on my Shepherd. That’s not to say we are to be irresponsible in matters, but when it comes to TRUST for daily sustenance, that TRUST is not in me. My TRUST is fully thrown onto my Shepherd. So, the issue of TRUST determines the issue of LACK in a person’s life. David puts it out there for all of us. His TRUST was in the Lord. Because his TRUST issue was solved, his LACK issue was solved also. Remember, he said, “I LACK Nothing!” Perhaps it’s TIME for all of us to deal with the TRUST issue FIRST. Let’s throw all of our TRUST on the back of Jesus. When that happens we will say with King David … “I LACK Nothing!”


Dear Jesus,

This AM, for the most part my TRUST is in You. I say it that way because temptation is always lurking near to tempt me into trusting in me over You. I’m so done with that! Help me Jesus to TRUST You fully! Amen

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  • Ediane Reply

    Amen! I lack nothing. Praise God for this word today.

    February 20, 2016 at 3:10 pm

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