Your Acts Of Kindness Precede Your Own Miracle Provision

S. O. A. P.

Here’s Your 90 second AM Devotional!


Acts 28:2

The islanders showed us unusual kindness. They built a fire and welcomed us all because it was raining and cold.


While on his journey, by ship, to Rome, a storm had arisen and broken the ship Paul was sailing on apart. Paul had prophesied that if everyone stayed with the ship, they would be saved. Sure enough, they all were able to swim safely to shore on the Island of Malta. The islanders immediately embraced them and showed them kindness instead of rejecting or even killing the shipwrecked people.


It’s really amazing that a group of people would embrace complete strangers, including some prisoners, to their shore. Sure they were traumatized, shipwrecked people, but still no one asked them for their papers to clear customs. Instead, the Islanders loved on them and showed them care during a terribly cold and rainy day. St Paul, while helping build a fire, had a viper bite him on the arm. The people thought he would die, but when he didn’t they thought he was a god. Paul prayed over and healed the dying father of the Roman Official Publius, who ran the island. Then all the people who were sick came to Paul. He prayed over them and healed them all. I can’t help but think that God showed favor to these Islanders because they first of all had compassion on some hurting, helpless, shipwrecked strangers. If you’re in desperate need for heavenly intervention in your life today, just remember … “Your Acts Of Kindness Precede Your Own Miracle Provision.”


Dear Jesus,

Please help me remember this AM, as I head to my post of service, that what I sow I will reap. Help me operate with Kindness and Generosity toward everyone I come in contact with today. Amen

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