The Joy of TURMOIL

S. O. A. P.

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Job 3:26

I have no peace, no quietness; I have no rest, but only turmoil.


The man who penned these words is known throughout history and across religious lines as the man who suffered most and lived to tell about it. At Job’s lowest point, he had no Peace, no Rest, and no Quietness. He did admit to the one challenge we all dread … “TURMOIL!”


Think about it. Your business just died overnight. All of your kids were killed in an instant. Your body is festering with sores so that you are scraping the sores with broken pottery trying to release the captive infection. You don’t have peace, rest, or quietness, but thank God you have something. You have … “TURMOIL!” Turmoil is better than death. Too many people pray for death in the middle of their turmoil only to come out the other side alive and saying … “Thank God I didn’t die!” Dead folks don’t fall in love, can’t produce offspring, never enjoy a good meal, aren’t generous, don’t communicate, and can’t “Praise the Lord.” Turmoil on the other hand is a potential “Launching Pad” for greater things in this life for the glory of God. After Job’s turmoil, he was repaid by God with a double portion of everything he’d lost. He was a happy man at the end of his life because he had experienced … “The Joy of TURMOIL!”


Dear Jesus,

This AM I will rejoice in the middle of my own TURMOIL. Instead of complaining and praying to die, I’m thanking You for trusting me to handle this BIG Load of TURMOIL. Amen

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