Jesus = GOOD All The Time

S. O. A. P

Here’s your 90 second AM devotional!


Psalm 100:5

For The Lord is Good and His love endures forever; His Faithfulness continues through all generations.


There are no questions left about this very definitive statement. The facts are: “Jesus = GOOD All The Time.” His love is forever enduring. And His faithfulness is like a constant, unbending thread, stretching through every generation of past or future world history.


What are you unsure of today? Let’s talk about that. Will my health remain? Will my friends stay true? Is my family going to be okay? Is my job secure? Will the government stay intact? Will my money outlast my living? I could fill several more pages with questions that all of us have about life and the future. Things that we’re just not sure of. But what can we be sure of today? Well, when other’s love fails, God’s love endures for however long you and I are breathing. When others walk out on us, God’s faithfulness demands that He stay. And of course when all of the good people we know have at some point or another been guilty of “Breaking Bad” once in a while … “Jesus = GOOD All The Time.”


Dear Jesus,

I’m so blessed to know that “Jesus = GOOD All The Time.” Of course as You know, Rich doesn’t always = GOOD all the time. But because of your goodness I always have Hope that things are getting better. Amen

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