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Here’s Your 90 second AM Devotional!


Ezekiel 28:5

By your great skill in trading you have increased your wealth, and because of your wealth your heart has grown proud.


The King of Tyre, whom the Lord is coming against in this text, was actually a man named Ithobal. He evidently had many skills in international trade and it caused him to be overwhelmed with PRIDE.


Ithobal represents any modern day Ronald, Sarah, Larry, or any other Tom, Dick, or Mary who fails to keep PRIDE in check. No doubt PRIDE has been the stellar component of every man and woman’s failure. Anyone who believes that their success is a result of their own doing has already started down the pathway of personal demise. Jesus will not tolerate PRIDE. All of us battle it, and all of us must daily bring the temptation of PRIDE to the place of prayer and ask the Lord to help us. I’m not preaching this AM, because whenever I point a finger there’s always four pointing back at me! I know this: I don’t want to be “Ithobal!”


Dear Jesus,

I ask this AM that you would help me look to You. For it is in You alone that I receive my help. Amen

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