It WILL Get Better

S. O. A. P.

Here’s your 90 second AM devotional!


Job 10:19

If only I had never come into being, or had been carried straight from the womb to the grave!


Job is an Old Testament “ICON” with the well-known status of being one of the greatest “SUFFERERS” in the history of humankind. And yet what he says here is the same sentiment that many of us have had at one time or another in our life. I wish I were never born. I wish I had gone from the womb immediately to the grave. As if to say “NO” existence would be much better than “MY” existence.


It’s likely when you read the verse at the top of the page this AM you thought, “Oh I remember the time in my life when I had the very same thought.” Or worse yet, you may have read that verse and thought, “I’m there right now!” But compare your present pain to Job’s condition when he penned the words of this verse. In Job 7:5 he says, “My body is clothed with worms and scabs, my skin is broken and festering.” Wow! Maybe life isn’t that bad after all; and even if it is, I believe for you today … “It WILL Get Better.” If Job’s life is any indication, your future days will be brighter than your former days. Today, let 1 Cor. 10:13 be your promise that … “It WILL Get Better.”


Dear Jesus,

How can I ever say enough Thank Yous for all the times You lifted me out of despair. Because You did, I am singing Your praises this AM! Amen

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  • Don Tate Reply

    I felt this way when I was dealing with Sharon’s sickness but The Lord worked it out when you hang on

    October 21, 2014 at 9:12 am

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