In His Presence

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1 Samuel 2:21b

Meanwhile, the boy Samuel grew up in the presence of the Lord.


Samuel had been born in a miraculous way to Elkanah and his wife, Hannah. This is a marvelous story of answered prayer and a vow fulfilled. Even though these were the true parents of the prophet/priest Samuel, the person who raised the boy was Eli. The astonishing fact surrounding this information is that the priest who raised Samuel into a righteous man of God was a lousy father to his sons. His boys, Hophni and Phinehas, were wretched men.


The Bible says that what separated Samuel from all the others his age was that he was raised continuously “In The Presence Of The Lord.” Somehow Eli helped Samuel accomplish what he could not see his sons accomplish. He helped Samuel desire to be near the Lord. There comes the point in some believer’s lives where they break so free from the hold of the world and all its attractions that they crave to live “In His Presence.” Even the life of a pastor (which I represent) can become so filled with BUSINESS, that they forget their real BUSINESS is to pursue living “In His Presence.” Samuel became so accustomed to living “In His Presence,” that he hurt when God hurt. When God was rejected, Samuel felt rejected. Today, if you really want to champion the heart of the Almighty, why not join me. Let’s decide to live “In His Presence.”


Dear Jesus,

The scripture tells me that living in Your presence brings fullness of JOY, and at Your right hand, there are PLEASURES forevermore. Please, Lord, help me park my life in the center of Your presence. Amen


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