I’m Going To Heaven

S. O. A. P

Here’s your 90 second AM devotional!


Revelation 21:26

On no day will it’s gates ever be shut, for there will be no night there.


One of Jesus’ best friends, “John the Beloved” had a vision of heaven. It is part of the complete “Revelation of John,” the last book of the Bible. And he saw that the gates of heaven will be forever open because there will never be a day when night time arrives. It will be a place where there is always light, always morning, always noon and afternoon, but Night will Never enter heaven.


Heaven represents a place where there is “No Fear” and “No Limitation.” Think about it, “Open Gates” suggests there’s never a time to be concerned about an enemy or a competitor or an intruder. Those very words awake concern, stress, and fear. But “Open Gates” suggest there is No One or No Thing to be afraid of in heaven. Continual Light means there’s no need for rest. Nighttime arrives in this life in order for people to lie down and sleep. The body needs to shut down every day to be restored. But heaven means there are “No Limitations” on what we’ll be able to do. It will be boundless energy, joy, and “Good Morning!” The Scripture says we’ll spend eternity ruling and reigning with Jesus (2 Timothy 2:12). If I have a choice to go with “Limitations” or “No Limitations” … “Fear” or “No Fear” … I’ll pick the latter in both cases. “I’m Going to Heaven!”


Dear Jesus,

Thank You that one day soon I will join You in the land of “No Fear” and “No Limitations.” Amen

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