If You’re Willing, God Will Make A Way

S. O. A. P.

Here’s Your 90 second AM Devotional!


Acts 5:18

They arrested the apostles and put them in the public jail.


Peter and other Apostles had been thrown into prison because of the jealousy of the Chief Priest, his associates, and members of the Sadducee party. Their jealousy was a result of the mighty miracles the Apostles had worked in their midst.


There is absolutely no evidence that the Apostles began to shrink back in fear at any time. In fact, with each persecution or imprisonment they encountered, their faith seemed to strengthen.  Such was the case here in Acts 5. In the middle of the night, an angel of the Lord opened the door for them and they walked out free. The angel said, “Speak boldly about your new life in Christ in the temple courts tomorrow.” I believe if those Apostles would have been crying in that prison asking God why, the angel would have never opened the doors that night. Instead the Apostles were willing to do whatever God wanted. It seems like they lived with these words at all times, “If You want us in prison we’ll stay in prison. If you want us on the streets preaching, we’ll do that. We’re willing to do whatever You want Lord.” Nothing has changed in that regard for a true believer today. “If You’re Willing, God Will Make A Way!”


Dear Jesus,

I have only one thing to say this AM. I am willing! Amen

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