But … Who Made The Promise?

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Exodus 6:9

Moses reported this to the Israelites, but they did not listen to him because of their discouragement and harsh labor.


After 400 years of slavery, God sent Moses, His prophet, to speak to the people. Moses told them to get ready because the Lord was going to deliver them from the Egyptians and give them their “Promised Land.” The Bible says the Israelites didn’t listen to him.


It’s true the Israelites were worn out. After 400 years of slavery, anybody on the planet would be discouraged and feel overworked, because they were. When they heard Moses tell them that God had spoken to him, and that the Lord had promised to release them and give them the “Promised Land,” it’s obvious they wouldn’t listen to him. However, their discouragement and overworked reality overshadowed who was making the promise. When the Lord God Jehovah makes a promise that is meant to be immanent, everyone must stand up and pay attention. Even slaves who’ve been discouraged and overworked. The next time you hear the Lord promise you deliverance in the midst of your impossible trial, you can walk away if you want. “But … Remember Who Made The Promise.”


Dear Jesus,

This AM I hear You promising and I won’t forget. I know You will make a way! Amen

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