If You Feel It’s Wrong, You Know What To Do

S. O. A. P.

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1 Thessalonians 5:22

Reject every kind of evil.


Usually, Bible verses are three to five lines in length. But here’s a verse that’s just five words in length! While finishing his first letter to the church at Thessaloniki, St. Paul packed a huge punch with these five words. He simply said, “Reject every kind of evil.”


Your conscience is the spiritual gift from God that sends up the red flag of potential wrongdoing in your life. When evil is near, the conscience awakens. When I was a young boy, and my buddies were about to do something wrong, I would become so nervous that I would literally feel my heart begin to pound. I usually walked away. But the times I stayed, we ended up getting into so much trouble. In both cases, it was my conscience at work. Sometimes I went with my conscience and walked away; other times, I went against my conscience and stayed. Each time my conscience was right. Whether I obeyed it or not, it was right. A number of my friends never obeyed their conscience, and slowly their conscience burned out. Some of them ended up in prison. When the Apostle Paul says, “Reject every kind of evil,” I would respond by simply saying, “If You Feel It’s Wrong, You Know What To Do!”


Dear Jesus,

Thank You, that through the years You helped me keep my conscience strong by obeying it. Whenever I feel something is wrong, I know what to do. But walking away from evil is never easy. Thanks for never leaving me. Amen


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