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John 3:30

He must become greater, I must become less.


These are the words of Jesus’ cousin “John the Baptist,” who was the forerunner of Jesus. John was Jesus’ personal “Herald” in His day … “Promoter” in ours. But here we see him gracefully step aside from his place of prominence to a lesser role in Gods “Big Plan.” And he says … “Jesus must become greater and I must become less.”


In a strange way John the Baptist is forever sealed in our hearts as one of the greatest men who ever lived. He achieved Great-Ness by pursuing Less-Ness! Some weeks ago in our city, a well-known aged minister came to speak for two nights at our famous arena. Thousands attended each night and it was a marvelous success. This man has seen over 70 million people come to Christ through his ministry in Africa during 35 years of service. There was absolutely NO showmanship connected to his presentation whatsoever, and all he talked about was the love and greatness of Jesus. For two nights he Promoted Jesus. Now there is absolutely NO arguing John the Baptist’s words in this verse, but I must say as I heard the aged Christian minister in the arena that night, all I could think of was … “GREATNESS.”



Dear Jesus,

Thank You for men and women in my life who have spent their lives directing people like me toward You. In my opinion I’ve seen “GREATNESS” in them every time they pushed the “Greatness” towards You. Amen

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