God’s Always Speaking

S. O. A. P.

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Job 33:14

For God does speak—now one way, now another—though no one perceives it.


Job’s friend Elihu brought a powerful thought to Job’s attention. Job had questioned whether or not God had answered his prayers. Elihu said, “God’s Always Speaking.”


What Elihu was saying to Job was simply that we don’t have the full intelligence or wisdom to accuse God of not communicating with us. This young friend of Job said God does speak! He communicates one way this time and another way next time. In the next verse he said that God speaks at night, in dreams and in visions, while a person is in deep sleep, but “God Is Always Speaking.” If you will think back to that time, maybe it was only yesterday, perhaps that really was the Lord speaking to you. Samuel had to ask his priest Eli three different times if he had called him at night. Finally, Eli said, “The next time the voice speaks to you say, “Speak Lord for Your servant is listening.” Now if it took a priest three times to figure out that God was trying to speak to a little boy, imagine how we often overrun the Lord’s voice with our own excuses and accusations that, “God never speaks to me!” Please, please, please, keep your heart and ears open because “God’s Always Speaking.”


Dear Jesus,

Here’s what I want to say to You this AM: “Speak Lord for Your servant is listening.” Amen

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