God Knows Your Address

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Revelation 2:13a

I know where you live.


Pergamum was one of the seven cities that housed the seven early churches in Asia Minor. It was an art center in what is now known as Turkey, yet it worshipped heathen gods such as Zeus. In many cases, this church had yielded to the ways of the heathen. As overwhelmed as they were, Jesus stepped in to say, “I Know Where You Live.”


What a line! “I Know Where You Live.” What was Jesus really saying to the people of the Church at Pergamum? I think He was saying, “I know exactly what you’re going through. Perhaps you think I have forgotten you but I haven’t. Maybe you’re wondering if I’ve even heard your prayers, I certainly have. Still, there are some of you who think I don’t care at all about what happens to you … BUT … I do.” You see Jesus knows. He’s heard your prayer, He knows your needs and understands your concerns. You may be asking “Why is the Lord not answering my prayers?” Friend, believe me when I tell you, Jesus is assembling everything you need from everywhere you can imagine to meet ALL of your needs (Phil. 4:19, para.). The Lord is so attuned to your every cry that Scripture tells us He has bottled every tear you have ever shed (Ps. 56:8, para.). There are many who refuse to trust in God because their opinion of God is one in which they see an idol made by the hands of men or a religion that has failed them in times past. However, our Savior lives to stand for us and take our requests before the Father in heaven. If He does all of that, certainly it’s true that … “God Knows Our Address.”


Dear Jesus,

Thank You this AM that You know where I live and You know my challenges. When I pray, I never question if You’re there. You have promised to never leave me. I’ll confidentially await Your response. Amen

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