Goat’s Milk

S. O. A. P.

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Deuteronomy 14:21c

Do not cook a young goat in its mother’s milk.


The “Law of Moses” declared that it was illegal to cook a baby goat in its mother’s milk. At first sight, this may seem obscure and even frivolous, but there is a deeper meaning here, one that has human ramifications.


The principle that is espoused in this short passage is simply this: the very milk that is intended to bring life to a baby goat must never be the reason for its annihilation. “Goat’s Milk” today could be compared to homes children are being raised in. In many cases the “HOME” is so filled with strife and hatred that it’s as if children have been thrown into a “boiling pot.” And what about schools, where our children are being trained? Often times the training is more like a reeducation of the very values and history that has been taught by the parents. You could call it “Goat’s Milk.” Or what about “The Church?” The church should be a place where God’s love is taught and His Word becomes the light for the children’s pathway, as well as their help. But what about churches where the Bible is used as an instrument of fear instead? The Home, the School, and the Church.


Dear Jesus,

Help me as a parent, and now as a grandparent, to keep the life-giving sources pure for my offspring. May they never be used instead to destroy the very ones they were established to bless. Amen

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