Even You And Even Me

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Ezekiel 31:2
Son of man, say to Pharaoh king of Egypt and to his hordes: “Who can be compared with you in majesty?”


When the Lord spoke these words through his prophet Ezekiel you could almost feel the judgement begin to rain down from heaven. When God makes a comparison of the majesty of the Pharaoh by asking “Who can compare with your majesty Mr Pharaoh?” You know that judgement is on the way because God says, “I will share my glory with no one!” (Isa. 42:8) Throughout this chapter God spoke of the Pharaoh’s grandeur and how there has never been anyone like him. Yet in the end the Lord said, “Even You,’ mighty Pharaoh, will be brought down with all of your powerful armies.”


Just like the Pharaoh that God spoke of in this chapter was destroyed by the Babylonians in time, destruction will come to anyone who exalts themselves above the Lord God Almighty. God loves us all, but there is a limit to his patience when it comes to those who would try and exalt themselves above the Lord. Whether it’s a world leader or a local union boss, a man or woman must be careful as to how they portray themselves in relationship to God Almighty. There are those who can do a lot, but there is NOTHING God cannot do. The personhood of God Almighty is beyond finding out. St Peter said the only way for us to approach God is to “Humble ourselves under Gods might hand!” (1 Peter 5:6) That includes, “Even You And Even Me.”


Dear Jesus,

Whether it’s the Pharaoh of old or a modern-day world leader, no one can compare to you, my God! I’m starting my day off humbling myself again under your mighty hand. Amen

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