All The Way Down

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Ezekiel 27:34
Now you are shattered by the sea in the depths of the waters; your wares and all your company have gone down with you.


Tyre is the Old Testament name for modern Lebanon. Actually, Tyre was a city that was so marvelously positioned that it had a safe harbor on either side. That made it in time an unusually wealthy city because of it’s seafaring trade. Tyre’s famous King Hiram supplied King Solomon with all of the wood he would need to build the temple of the Lord as well as his own house. Yet Tyre was connected to the Canaanites and worshipped Baal. In time Nebuchadnezzar laid a 13-year siege upon her, and several hundred years later Alexander the Great destroyed Tyre. In this passage, Tyre because of her wealth from sea-trade was likened to a ship that was once powerful and sailed the seas, but in time was brought down by the very seas she became famous for sailing. Her fate was to be buried by the very thing that had made her great.


God is not against making money. Jesus said, “Freely you have received, freely give.” How can you possibly give if you’ve never learned how to receive? So yes, selling, buying, trading, anything done to prosper that is legal, moral and ethical is God’s way of providing for his people. However, when that merchandising gets a hold of a person so that they begin to worship the work of their own hands, like Tyre, in time, it will take them, “All The Way Down!” That’s right! The very thing that made Tyre great is the very thing that took her, “All The Way Down,” to her destruction. Our only hope to ward off this temptation is to keep our eyes firmly set on Jesus.


Dear Jesus,

There was a time in my life many years ago where I was facing an “All The Way Down,” situation. Thankfully you chased me down before I went down. I’ve never been the same again. Thank You my Lord! Amen

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