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Acts 18:9

One night the Lord spoke to Paul in a vision: “Do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent.


The Apostle Paul had been on a whirlwind missionary journey of continual victory, with lots of pain thrown in, when out of the blue one night the Lord appeared to him in a vision. Jesus said to him, “Don’t be afraid, keep preaching, I’m with you!”


This reminds me of the Old Professor who comes by one of his best students before the defense of his Doctoral Dissertation and says to him, “Give it everything you’ve got. I’m the head of the panel, it’s going to be OK, don’t be afraid!” Or the Head Coach, who puts his arm around his star quarterback in the heat of the championship game and says, “This will be your finest moment. Don’t give up, I’ve got a play for you that will break their backs!” You see, in the heat of the battle you don’t need someone second-guessing your moves. You need someone applauding you, telling you “Don’t worry you’ve got this.” Saying, “It’s just a matter time before you win.” What all of us need more of is … “ENCOURAGEMENT.” So, if someone has been YOUR personal spokesperson for Jesus, and all you hear is how unhappy Jesus is with you and you should have done it this way, my advice would be … “Get A New Prophet!” Jesus is all about … “ENCOURAGEMENT!”


Dear Jesus,

As I look back on my life this AM, I can’t count the times I felt completely alone. It has always been in those times I’ve heard and felt Your … “ENCOURAGEMENT!” Thank You! Amen

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