They Don’t Like US

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Matthew 10:16a

I am sending you out like sheep among wolves.


Matthew 10 is famous for recording the “Marching Orders” Jesus gave to His Disciples. Jesus told His Disciples what He expected of them, what their message was to be, what to take and what not to take with them, and what they could expect. The one line that alerted all of them then and all of us now was simply, “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves.”


There are two kinds of folks in this world according to this passage. Those who are “Followers of Jesus,” and those who are not. “Followers of Jesus” are called sheep in the scripture, and those of the world are called wolves. If this analogy was an actuality, wolves eat sheep for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In other words, our Gospel of Good News is not easily received. We are preaching to and loving people in hopes of them coming to faith in Jesus. BUT … Make NO mistake about it … “They Don’t Like US!”  There is a continual notion by some “Followers of Jesus” that through sheer kindness, political correctness, and a happy face, people, ALL people, can somehow be won over. Sometimes this may work, until the wolves get hungry. Since wolves eat sheep, it’s better for us sheep to make Jesus our FIRST PRIORITY.


This AM I am reminded once more that I’m going into a hostile marketplace. I realize that You are my first priority and that people are my heart. I ask for Your help in this mission. Amen

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  • Jackie M Woody Reply

    Your Devotional on “They Don’t Like Us” I felt it was very informative, the analogy on the Sheep and the Wolves was very good because that is exactly how I feel at times. Yesterday a friend and I were talking about some issues we’ve faced in life and I was telling him about some things I suffered as a child at which point he asked me to give my testimony to a group of women he and his wife minister to. He told me that my testimony would help someone who is going through the same thing I have and seeing how I God has brought me through it would help them. I told him I would think/pray about it. I do not feel comfortable talking about my past(which I know is not right)because I have only told my story to a few people and standing in front of people speaking just makes me nervous. But when I told him I would think on it and PRAY I did not pray. so this morning when I came in to work and going through my emails for the day I notice a twitter email and yours was in there on Matthew 10:16a. They Don’t Like Us”. so I guess the fear is what is keeping me from doing what I know would please God. So please pray for me.

    thank you

    November 23, 2015 at 12:07 pm
  • Tony Reply

    well said Rich always encourage too hear from Belivers not ashame! Please leave a comment on a blog I wrote call Naked Truth # purposeonline. Net

    November 27, 2015 at 6:53 pm

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