We Choose Which HARDSHIP

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Acts 14:22b

“We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God,” they said.


Paul had been physically stoned in a place called Lystra, by people who were against his message. He was left for dead, but when the other disciples came near him the Bible says he got up and he and Barnabas went to a city called Derbe to preach the gospel! Many hearers of the word received Jesus as their Savior, and then Paul and Barnabas headed back through Lystra and strengthened the disciples living in that area. Paul told them they would have to suffer many hardships to enter the “Kingdom of God.”


As I read this passage this AM, I thought to myself … we “Followers of Jesus” have to go through a lot in order to eventually see Jesus face to face. Then I thought, but wait, so do people who reject Jesus. Think about it. You and I both know people who have been through hell, living against the Word of God. Think about drug addicts, sex traffickers, alcoholics, spouse abusers, and murderers. Think about “Gang Time,” “Jail Time,” and “Real Time” for those who reject Jesus. Think of those who reject Jesus, make a billion dollars, and one day lay on a death bed, wondering what was the point. To be honest, I’d rather suffer hardships and “WIN” heaven one day, instead of suffer hardships here on earth and go to hell one day. It’s really up to us … “We Choose Which HARDSHIP.”


Dear Jesus,

I will always choose YOU! It’s the only HARDSHIP I can trust. Amen

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  • Elizabeth Gadson Reply

    I love receiving your daily Devotions. As a firm believer of God with strong faith, I am given something to think about each day to help me become a better person! However, in this devotion application, you list drug addicts and alcoholics, in the same category with sex traffickers, spouse abusers, and murderers. Addiction is not a moral failing it is a disease. Who would choose to intentionally hurt those we love the most. Many addicts and alcoholics are believers and have faith, however, especially at the height of their addiction they are off of the path of God. They are spiritually lost however one can recover. Some addicts are unable to get clean and sober and they face jails, institutions, and death. I would not however categorize them with sex traffickers and murderers. As a 16 year recovering drug addict, R.N., AOD Counselor, and now in business for Transamerica, I give back to others who suffer with the disease that which was so freely given to me. I grew up in a wonderful family with the best parents and out of four children was the only addict. I am so grateful to God that I was able to get clean in order to work a program of recovery and be present and healthy, in all ways especially spiritually, for my children and parents for the past 16 years. Thank you.
    Liz Gadson

    February 29, 2016 at 11:25 am

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