The Choice Is Yours

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Daniel 1:8a

But Daniel resolved not to defile himself.


Daniel and his friends were part of an elite group of young Jewish slaves, recently stolen from their homeland of Israel to serve in King Nebuchadnezzar’s Palace. They were instructed to eat a diet from the Kings menu, but the food was unclean according to Jewish law. When Daniel heard the instructions he chose not to defile himself with another man’s customs, which were alien to the laws of Jehovah.


Wins and Losses, Joy over Despair, and Gratefulness instead of Bitterness are always a matter of CHOICE. “STUFF,” both good and bad, comes to all of us. How we choose to handle “The Stuff” determines the ultimate trajectory of our lives. In a time where “Peer Pressure” ruled the day, Daniel, a young Champion from Israel living as a slave in Babylon, determined or “RESOLVED” not to defile himself. This initial choice as a young man turned him from a slave to a “Servant Leader” overnight. How else can you explain Daniel, a Jew, serving four different Kings from two different nations during his lifetime? Instead of seeing himself as a SLAVE, he saw himself called by God to serve heathen Kings as an emissary of Almighty God. He could’ve died a bitter old slave, but instead he outlived at least three of the heathen Kings he served under. The choice was his, and just like Daniel … “The Choice Is Yours!”


Dear Jesus,

This AM, I choose to serve You and Your PURPOSES as long as I have breath. I am a slave to No Man, but a “Servant Leader” to everyone. With Your help … “That’s MY Choice!” Amen

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