They Called The Arrogant Blessed

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Malachi 3:15

But now we call the arrogant blessed. Certainly evildoers prosper, and even when they put God to the test, they get away with it.


Malachi was the last prophet to speak in the Old Testament. Then a space of 400 years occurred before John the Baptist arrived on the scene, “Preparing the Way” for Jesus. Here, in some of his last words, Malachi describes the state of God’s people at that time. He said, If you’re an arrogant person you’re called “Blessed” or “Happy.” Those who are wicked prosper the most. And the ones who are rebellious toward God appear to get away with it!


What has HISTORY taught us? An honest person would have to say that history has taught us that history has a tendency to repeat itself. On the other hand, an IDIOT would probably answer … History has taught us HISTORY. In other words, through the centuries humanity has rebelled, been punished by God, repented before God, and God has blessed humanity again. Then it happens all over again. But the IDIOTS will tell you that what has happened in history can never happen again. Humanity has evolved to a higher level of understanding and “ENLIGHTENMENT.” And most everyone applauds the IDIOT! Not much has changed really. In Malachi’s day … “They Called The Arrogant BLESSED,” today we call them “ENLIGHTENED.” I can’t seem to shake that word IDIOTS though.


Dear Jesus,

This AM I ask that You would help my family and me to stay close to You. Teach us that history does repeat itself and that ARROGANCE is always a threat to hasten our demise. Amen

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