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Exodus 14:3

Pharaoh will think, “The Israelites are wandering around the land in confusion, hemmed in by the desert.”


Before the Egyptians started chasing the Israelis towards the Red Sea, God set it up so they would. Most likely, the Israelis could’ve gotten a pretty good start on the Egyptians, who would have eventually come after their lost money for sure. But God wanted to end the threat as soon as His people got out of Egypt. So he told Moses to have the people of Israel do a maneuver that would make Pharaoh think they didn’t know what they were doing.


Most of us skip right over “The Back Story” of how the Egyptians came running after the Israelis so quickly! In fact, some have never even noticed what they’ve read. We’re all so accustomed to reading that the Israelis looked up and “BOOM!” There were the Egyptians hot on their tail with the Red Sea in front of them. But how would it have read if the Israelis had a month’s lead on the Egyptians, and the Egyptians finally got past their sorrow to come after the Israeli people? It’s a story that could have played out a lot different. But there’s always a “Back Story” to how God brings us our victory! In the middle of the rejoicing, we can usually trace back to the fact that God set our enemy up for defeat. The next time you’re going through a patch in your life that is frustrating and somewhat unexplainable, instead of complaining, remember that maybe, just maybe, this is the “Back Story” to your upcoming victory!


Dear Jesus,

As I read “The Back Story” to how God quickly disposed of Pharaoh and his army after the Israelis escaped Egypt, I remembered the many, many “Back Stories” to my many, many God-given victories in my life. Thank You for making things happen for my good! Amen

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