Always Greater Things!

S. O. A. P.

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John 1:50

Jesus said, “You believe because I told you I saw you under the fig tree. You will see greater things than that.”


Nathaniel came with Philip to meet Jesus, but Jesus already knew him. Nathaniel asked Jesus how He knew who he was. Jesus told him that He had seen him under a fig tree before Nathaniel had even called Philip (both Philip and Nathaniel became disciples of Jesus). Jesus then said, “Because I told you things you know are true, you believe. But you will see much greater things in the future than what I’ve just told you.”


Anyone who wholeheartedly yields their life and follows Jesus will soon begin to experience what I call, “Always Greater Things!” As I read Scripture, it never seems that Jesus is impressed with where people have arrived. He cares where people are going. Once a person arrives at what he or she thinks is the goal, it’s as if Jesus is always saying, “Keep going, there’s … Always Greater Things!” It’s the pursuit of “Greater Things” that keeps a person full of faith and adventure, prayed up, hopeful, and excited. Those words and thought patterns were removed from many people’s vocabulary years ago. Why? Because of the fleeting joy of ARRIVAL. However, the arrival is only meaningful when a departure date is firmly established. The departure date suggests a feeling of temporary, a need to prepare, a desire for … “Always Greater Things.” Jesus wasn’t kidding when He told Nathaniel, “You think that’s a big deal … You haven’t seen anything yet!”


Dear Jesus,

I’ve got a lot of friends who believe they’re grounded, but the more I get to know them I find they’re just STUCK. Help me find joy in the unknown of reaching for … “Always Greater Things!” Amen

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