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Job 19:14

My relatives have gone away; my closest friends have forgotten me.


The Old Testament figure, Job, had been through an unfathomable set of events that left him in a complete heap of despair. His closest relatives, in his estimation, had left him (indeed his ten children had been killed) and his best friends had forgotten his name. He was “ALONE.”


Have you ever felt completely “ALONE?” There have been a few times in my life that I felt trapped by loneliness. In each case, however, as I looked back it was my FEELINGS that betrayed the TRUTH. In Job’s case his children had all suddenly died and his wife was so depressed she dared her husband to curse God and die. His friends became his accusers, and yet all the while God kept a close watch over Job from heaven’s portals. He never left Job in his times of distress. Certainly there are times when we’ve felt so abandoned that we blame God. If you’re in such a season this AM remember … Your God Has Never Left You “ALONE!” He is with you right now to save, heal, and restore. Reach out and take His hand today! You’re not … “ALONE!”


Dear Jesus,

With all of my heart this AM I thank You that in my deepest darkest hours of duress YOU have NEVER left me … “ALONE!” Amen

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