A Conditional Promise

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1 Chronicles 28:7

I will establish his kingdom forever if he is unswerving in carrying out my commands and laws, as is being done at this time.


King David told the people of Israel that of all his sons, God had chosen Solomon to be king and to build the Lord a temple. David said that God had told him that if Solomon obeyed the Lord and follow Him completely, God would establish Solomon’s kingdom forever. Whether Solomon remembered his father’s words or not is not the discussion here because what matters is that God’s promise to Solomon was “A Conditional Promise.”


King David had proven by his sin and subsequent repentance that God would forgive him and continue to bless him. David was at the end of his life and reign at this reading, and the anointing of God was still on his life. But he was quick to let his son Solomon and all of Israel know that God would not tolerate continual rebellion against Him, the God of Israel. Initially, Solomon obeyed and pleased the Lord. God rained down blessings upon this man’s life as no one had ever realized in history. Solomon was perhaps the wisest king who ever lived. He was certainly in the top five or ten wealthiest leaders who have ever lived in history. However, after building the Lord an amazing Temple and himself an even bigger house to live in, it soon became all about Solomon. It was as if the worship began to leave the Lord and come onto Solomon. Solomon was happy to receive the accolades, and finally, because of his many marriages to wives of foreign heritage, the nation became corrupted. The idols these women brought into Israel pulled the hearts of the people from the Lord God Almighty. Certainly, the Lord let Solomon live out his life, but almost immediately after his son Rehoboam took over the nation split. Solomon somehow forgot that God’s promise of continual blessing was “A Conditional Promise.”


Dear Jesus,

As I read this story, I’m reminded this AM that Your promises are yes and amen to those who believe. Yet You will not be mocked. Help me to obey and follow you fully is my prayer. Amen

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