I’ll See You Do It Again

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Judges 21:25

In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as they saw fit.


This verse ends the time of Samson as judge. Yes, there is much discussion on this chronological timeline, but I like this one. It was sixty years before Samuel would rise to be the priest and judge of Israel. Israel, at that time, had no sovereign rule and did whatever they felt was right and ok to do in their own eyes. Obviously, during the rule of Eli, some would have held strictly to the Jewish faith. But by and large, people did what they wanted, and in many cases, they served the idols of those who were their neighbors.


Israel, as a nation, had an incredible history to this point in time. They had the Patriarch’s to be reminded of. They had Joseph’s rule in Egypt. They had Moses and Joshua. And they’d had the Judges. Every time they turned their back on God, they would be punished, and then God would come to their rescue, and miracles would happen, and they’d get back on the wagon for the Lord. All of us who know this story know that Israel would once again see better days. At that time, some might have looked at their wicked ways and then recalled their history and then would look up to heaven and say, “Oh God, ‘I’ll See You Do It Again!” As this world, in many cases right now, is reeling over a worldwide quarantine against a deadly virus, believers in Jesus can recall how the Lord has rescued us so many times before. Together this AM, let us look to the heavens and say together, ”I’ll See You Do It Again!”


Dear Jesus,

With Your help, I will not grow weary in well-doing. Because after a while, I will see a miracle if I don’t give up. That’s why I can raise my head toward the heavens and say, “I’ll See You Do It Again!” Amen


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