The Heart Of God!

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Deuteronomy 5:29a

Oh, that their hearts would be inclined to fear me.


Moses had recently come off of Mt. Sinai, where he received the Ten Commandments from God Almighty. In relating the story of his mountaintop experience, Moses said that after the Lord had given him the Commandments, God then said, “Oh That Their Hearts Would Be Inclined To Serve Me.”


This one verse certainly describes … “The Heart Of God.” I’m certain that our great God has no needs. However, if He did, it would have to be the need for people to love Him back unconditionally. Love is not really love until it is willfully given. It can’t be taken from, or forced on, or bribed away from the giver. God loves each one of us unconditionally. He doesn’t have to try to love us, it’s just there. He has “full on” love for us, all the time. When I love my sons, I’ve given the highest priced commodity I have. When I give love, there’s a space where my “given away love” used to be. I long for reciprocity, when it comes to love. I’m believing when I give my love to you, you will, in turn, give your love back to me. It’s not love until it’s freely given. But I don’t want you to give your love to me out of compulsion or for some forced reason. No, it will only be real love if you give it to me unconditionally. I believe this is why God almost pined to Moses, “Oh I wish My people had a heart to love Me.” That really is … “The Heart Of God.”


Dear Jesus,

I’m pretty sure that through the years I’ve hurt You badly. I’m pretty sure You’ve probably said a number of times, “Oh I wish Rich had a heart to serve Me.” Well here I am … older now, maybe a little wiser now, but certainly physically weaker now. Here’s my love, what’s left of it anyway. This AM I’m telling You … You’ve got me. I’m holding nothing back from You. Amen

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