I Love It, But I Don’t Understand It

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Psalm 36:5

Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies.


Here is a man, King David of Israel, who was an unstoppable “Sovereign” in his day. Every servant stood by at his beck and call, and every piece of gold and silver in the nation was technically his. This powerful leader continually measured his greatness not against other Kings and rulers, but in light of the Almighty of Heaven. In this passage, King David gets small. He proclaims the BIGNESS of “JUST” the LOVE and FAITHFULNESS of the Almighty. He is talking about only two aspects of his great Lord, and even they are impossible to comprehend. He says, “Your LOVE reaches the heavens and Your FAITHFULNESS to the skies.”


The kind of Love and Faithfulness that our Jesus has for each and every one of us is indescribable. You can try and pencil it out, but how do any us understand the height of heaven or the width of the skies. And yet David, in a relatively primitive time in history, does his absolute best. Here’s the deal. If you think you’ve been loved before, but have never known the love of Jesus, you don’t know love at all. If you think you’ve known friends or family that you can count on, but have never known the FAITHFULNESS of Jesus, they’re not even in the same UNIVERSE as Jesus when it comes to a friend who is FAITHFUL. So, here’s my confession … when it comes to the Love and Faithfulness of Jesus … “I Love It, But I Don’t Understand It!”


Dear Jesus,

I know part of my calling on this side of heaven includes a solid defense of my Faith in You. But I certainly stopped trying to figure You out decades ago. I’m only blessed this AM to call You my Lord and to worship You in spirit and in truth. Amen

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