You Have To Get It Behind You!

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Psalm 51:3

For I know my transgressions, and my sin is always before me.


This fifty-first chapter of the book of Psalms is King David’s repentance prayer for his sin with Bathsheba. In it, he speaks of his regrets and the wretchedness of his sin. It didn’t involve only adultery but also a planned murder of the woman’s husband to cover what he had done. The average Israeli would have been executed for what the king was guilty of. But here, in his brokenness, he tells the Lord, “My sin is always before me!”


Through my many years of ministry, both as a traveling evangelist and a pastor, I’ve had people come to me as if I was their priestly confessor and tell me of sins they had committed. On just about every occasion, like King David and with tears, they’ve said to me, “My sin is ALWAYS before me.” Repentance before the Lord, and in some cases restitution, are the action steps I believe are required to start on the healing pathway. The goal in all of it is to get the FAILURE (sin) from being in front of you at all times. You have to put it BEHIND YOU! Yes, it takes time, but once your failure is behind you, it’s possible to put DAYS between you and the failure. In time the failure is so far behind you that it no longer dominates your thinking. That’s why whatever is in front of you that reminds you of your failure, in time “You Have To Get It Behind You.”


Dear Jesus,

I’m so thankful that the bad memories are way behind me this AM because of your grace and forgiveness. I remember the song I sang as a boy: Keep me true, Lord Jesus, keep me true. There’s a race that I must run. There are victories to be won. Every hour by your power, keep me true. I’m still singing it! Amen

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  • Rach Reply

    What a beautiful word! Lord Jesus keep me true with all your power to be true in efforts to win the victory for Christ agenda – Hallelujah!

    Thanks for the reminder Dr. Rich

    May 6, 2021 at 10:47 am


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