Who are YOU Raising up?

S. O. A. P.

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1 Chronicles 8:40

The sons of Ulam were brave warriors who could handle the bow. They had many sons and grandsons—150 in all.


This chapter lists the genealogy of the Old Testament patriarch Jacob and his wife Rachel’s youngest son Benjamin. It ends with the offspring of the last major tribal leader Ulam. It says Ulam had raised up 150 male offspring, including sons and grandsons. They were brave warriors who could handle the bow. It begs the question, “Who Are You Raising Up?”


This story of Ulam’s descendants happens, it is believed, sometime around 600 BC. Many generations of Israelis had heard that their fellow tribesmen of Benjamin had committed such a heinous crime that the rest of Israel had turned on them and all but destroyed the entire tribe. Now, hundreds of years later, the tribe of Benjamin was again prospering, and here at the last of the tribe of Benjamin. One man, Ulam, had raised up 150 sons and grandsons who were skilled warriors. Before you go saying, “But I’m a single older woman” or “I’ve never married I and have no offspring,” let me tell you, neither did Mother Teresa. Neither did Robyn’s Auntie Marie, who lived in West Africa from 1945 till 1980 in a hut. But she raised hundreds of orphaned children. When she was quite elderly, she was flown back to Africa with her sister for the 50th anniversary of her arrival in West Africa. Thirty thousand people filled a stadium that night to welcome her home. When she walked on the stage in shock, the thousands screamed, “MOMMA!” You and I have no excuse. So I’m asking, “Who Are You Raising Up?”


Dear Jesus,

I will not stop working to raise young men and women up to change the world for Jesus. But, as always, I’ll need you to help me. Amen


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