What I’d Like To Say About Love

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1 Corinthians 13:8a

Love never fails.


St. Paul wrote the 13th chapter of 1 Corinthians. You could write a book on these thirteen verses and it would be a 200 pager at least. The title of the book would have to be, “What I’d Like To Say About Love.” In this one line, he gives us the reason the world wants love so desperately. It’s because, “Love never fails.”


The Greek Word for Love that is used throughout this 13th chapter is the word Agape. Agape love is a love that wills the highest good for the other person. It isn’t based upon what the other person can or cannot do back for the one showing Agape, because it is a love offered without any conditions attached. It never fails. Relationships, jobs, hopes, dreams, promises, opportunities, and money ALL fail—but LOVE Never Fails. When the mentions listed in the sentence above become larger personal desires than the mention of Love, I will guarantee you that you will be discouraged in time because failure will follow. However, if LOVE is your chief pursuit, no doubt you will find contentment. Because Love Never Fails and that’s “What I’d Like To Say About Love.”


Dear Jesus,

You’ve already said to me this AM “Love Never Fails!” Thank You. Amen

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