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Psalm 93:5

Your statutes, Lord, stand firm; holiness adorns your house for endless days.


The point that King David puts forward here is that we may try and break or bend God’s statutes, but the truth is they are “UNBENDABLE!”


Don’t get me wrong, we do break God’s laws. At least we think we do; but in the end they break us. Through the centuries, God’s laws have stood firm while whole civilizations have come and gone. The Grace of God has made it possible for humans to come back home forgiven, but have God’s statutes changed one iota? Has God’s holiness in any way been diminished? NO WAY! In the end, it’s broken humankind that sometimes returns begging for mercy and forgiveness. So it’s up to each one of us. What will we do? Will we decide that somehow we, of all God’s historical civilizations, somehow have become more enlightened than the rest? Will we say that God has changed and seen it our way? Or will we, like the rest, come to acknowledge that God in all His ways and statutes is “UNBENDABLE?”


Dear Jesus,

I acknowledge my need of You this AM! You are everything. Thank You for allowing me to serve in Your kingdom. Amen

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