The True Shepherd’s Love

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Ezekiel 34:15

I myself will tend my sheep and have them lie down, declares the Sovereign Lord.


Throughout the book of Ezekiel, Jehovah was very distressed over the spiritual state of his beloved Israel. He blamed the spiritual leaders for Israel’s moral decline. Using the metaphor of a shepherd in the field with his sheep, the Lord said to Israel’s Spiritual Leaders, “You didn’t serve My people. Instead you used My people for your own selfish gain.” The Lord was so “HOT” over this matter that He said, “I will take over and I will cause My sheep (my people) to lie down!”


“The True Shepherd’s Love” is best illustrated in this short verse. The true shepherd’s desire is for the welfare of their sheep. The true shepherd looks for grassy swards for the sheep to rest in. In time, the true Shepherd has “No Life” without the sheep, and so the needs of the flock must come before the needs of the shepherd. Somehow, at that time in history the spiritual shepherds of Israel had made it all about themselves. They had walked away from “Truth Telling” into a world of “Self Selling.” The idea of “Servant Leadership” was a hilarious joke to them. It all boiled down to their OWN needs First. If we’re not careful, things are beginning to look a whole lot like Ezekiel’s Day right here at home, right now! May you and I today decide to pursue … “The True Shepherd ‘s Love.”


Dear Jesus,

I thank You today that You have called me to rest. It’s like You’re reminding me again … “Rich, turn it over to Me, I’ll take care of you.” That’s exactly what I want to say to those I serve. Help me Jesus. Amen

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