This Father’s Great Joy

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3 John 4

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.


John the Beloved is speaking of his disciples, who have followed Christ because of his influence over their lives. He calls them his children when he says, “My greatest joy as a father is when you walk in accordance with the truth.”


As great a blessing as this wonderful Apostle was to the Body of Christ, I believe the Lord has blessed me and others in a greater way than John ever knew. I know that sounds preposterous and yet hear me out. Many leaders are a father or mother in two ways. They have a Spiritual Calling as a pastor. The people they serve, they do so in such a way that is fatherly or motherly in nature, taking care of those around them. But they also have biological children. They are their first calling. It has brought me the greatest joy imaginable to see my sons follow the truth, and to see the people I serve as a pastor also follow the truth. Dear John had no biological children that history records, so you can understand my double joy. It is “This Fathers Great Joy.”


Dear Jesus,

Thank You this AM that You have helped me be a father to biological sons and a father to people who have allowed me to serve them as their pastor. I am doubly blessed because of YOU! Amen

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