There Are Some Things You’ll Never Know

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Acts 1:7

He said to them: “It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authority.


When Jesus ascended the Mount of Olives for the final time before His ascension, His disciples thought it was just another walk in the park. They asked Him, “Are You getting ready to set up Your earthly kingdom?” He said, “God the Father is in charge of all of that!”


Some questions need to be left on the table. We try to understand the times and the signs of the times, but then we proceed to giving dates it will happen. Jesus was saying in this passage, “There Are Some Things You’ll Never Know!” Why? Because it’s in God’s hands. Immediately after this verse Jesus said, “But you’re going to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit very soon. Wait for it!!” In other words, Jesus was saying, “I have power you need right now for what I’m calling you to do. After that, you will be given information on a need-to-know basis!” Those things we think we need to know, only the Father really knows. Consequently, “There Are Some Things You’ll Never Know.”


Dear Jesus,

I’m content this AM to trust You on a Need-To-Know basis for my future. I’m in Your hands and I’m thankful that I am. Amen

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