The Storyteller

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Matthew 13:34

Jesus spoke all these things to the crowd in parables; he did not say anything to them without using a parable.


Here Jesus had been speaking to the people in parables, which were a story form of communication. The scripture says He did not say anything to them that wasn’t in the form of a story. This was to fulfill the prophecy by the Psalmist in Psalm 78:2. The Jesus-style of parable giving became my favorite style of preaching from the start of my public ministry.


When you examine the preaching styles of Jesus and St. Paul, or any of the Old Testament preachers, you will find that Jesus was “The Storyteller.” He wasn’t running naked through the streets like Isaiah, lying on his side for a year or more like Ezekiel, or continuously crying like Jeremiah. He wasn’t a screamer prophet like John the Baptist, telling the people, “The axe has been laid to the root!” Neither was He in the habit of putting people to sleep, so they fell out of a window and died while they were listening to him, like St. Paul. No! He was “The Storyteller.” I have found that almost every person enjoys a good story. Through the years, the Lord has helped me use a story to lead people to know the Lord. But no one compares to our wonderful Lord. He is forever known as “The Storyteller.”


Dear Jesus,

This AM, it’s Your stories that brought me to love You as I do. Thank You for stooping low enough to touch a simple-minded story lover like me. Amen

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