The EGYPTIAN Rescuer

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Exodus 2:19

They answered, “An Egyptian rescued us from the shepherds. He even drew water for us and watered the flock.”


Moses had killed a fellow Egyptian, who he had seen beating an Israelite. When Pharaoh heard of this, he tried to kill his adopted son, causing Moses to flee the land. He arrived by a well in Midian, where he had sought refuge. Seven daughters of a priest named Reuel came to the well to water their sheep. Some shepherds saw them and tried to throw them away from the well, but Moses stepped in and rescued the girls and watered their sheep. When they returned home early, their father asked them how it was they had returned so soon? The girls said, “An Egyptian rescued us from peril and watered our sheep.” The called him, “The EGYPTIAN Rescuer.”


This is a unique passage inasmuch as Moses was a Jew. Yes, he was the adopted son of Pharaoh, and history suggests that Moses was the general of Pharaoh’s army. Yet, because he was on the run, he probably addressed the girls in his Egyptian language and certainly looked the part of “The EGYPTIAN Rescuer,” the girls referred to him as. Moses was trained in all the ways of Egypt, because being a king’s son, he had been privileged with an education that exceeded anyone’s expectations. In the end, however, he knew he was Jewish. That’s why his heart had risen up against a fellow Egyptian who was beating an Israeli. It’s quite remarkable that these Midianite women saw Moses as “The EGYPTIAN Rescuer,” because in the end, he became “The HEBREW Rescuer.” Of course, he was used by God to rescue his people from the EGYPTIANS! Make sure today that you never let people define you. Let God be the one who sets you apart for a work you could never imagine.


Dear Jesus,

I’m open to whatever You want me to be. I ask that You would enlarge my borders today so that I could lead others to You. Amen


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